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Good money habits at an early age lay a foundation for good money decisions throughout life.  Why not start teaching your kids about money now? To learn more check out these resources:


Teaching your kids about money

Looking for some old school resources? Check these books out of your local library:


  • Coin Spot GameTVO Kids: a simple game for preschool children that helps children learn about the different Canadian coins—what they look like and how much they are worth
  • Spend, Save, and ShareSesame Street: a series of money-related videos that look at basic money topics in a way that young children can understand


 High school 

  • 7 things that teens need to know about moneyCanadian Living
  • The Mint: a fun approach to learning about money for kids that covers how to earn, save, spend, and give money. Read articles packed with money tips, take a quiz to find out how entrepreneurial you are, or see how long it will take you to become a millionaire. It’s a great resources that are easy to read and relate to, and also offers sections for teensparentsteachers, and recent graduates.
  • Dollar Decisions: this online game helps teens work through common money decisions to help them realize how their decisions affect their money. Offers realistic decision making processes and various choices (some good, some bad) to help teens understand various situations.
  • Get Smarter with Funny Money: a lighthearted but pointed series of videos, blog entries, and teacher tools to help students learn about money and help teachers (read parents) share basic money concepts with their teens.

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  1. angiemcleod says:

    Taxes can be really ridiculous! Check out the link Kelly sent us…

    My name is Kelly and I’m a mentor at our local community center. The kids
    that I mentor wanted me to email you on their behalf and tell you that they
    think your page,
    life-skill/teens-money, has some great sites on financial literacy. We ended
    up bookmarking some.

    I had the kids search for interesting pages on financial literacy. As the
    kids were looking for some more resources online, they had a wonderful idea
    to send you a resource they found,
    . What a terrific idea. The kids
    found this page pretty interesting and fun!