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Every day we make money decisions. We decide where to shop, what groceries we need, and how we will pay for our purchases. As adults, we make money decisions and live with the results—good or bad. Good money decisions help us achieve our goals, while bad money decisions may lead us into debt or away from our goals.

Help is available. There are lots of books, online resources, and one-on-one programs to help us make better money decisions. Here are some resources you may find useful.

Helpful Reading:

Alternatively, a visit to the local librarian will help you find some great reads that focus on how to best manage your money whether you are working on the basics or thinking about how to structure your retirement funds.

Online Resources:

While these are good starting points, there are many more resources out there. Common and effective search terms include: personal finance, debt, credit, saving and spending, money management …  enjoy the journey!

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