Literacy Videos

The Literacy Community across the province has worked hard to compile a variety of videos that explore what literacy is, why it matters, and how various organizations and agencies are working to improve literacy in BC. Take a couple of minutes to check out these videos—they are well worth watching.

Literacy in General

Literacy is like Velcro – 2010 Legacies Now Video

What does it Mean to be Literate in the 21st Century? – Video

Literacy in the Workplace

Why Literacy Matters in Business – In September 2008, economist Craig Alexander spoke to business groups in Vancouver and Chilliwack about the profound effect literacy has on productivity and the economy. This is a series of Short Video Clips from Craig Alexander’s speech.

Value of Essential Skills – Series of three short videos that explore the 9 essential skills as outlined by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Note that in the 9 Essential Skills video, all 9 essential skills are directly linked to literacy skills.  Video

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