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Summer Literacy Learning: Keep your Kids off the Summer Slide

July 2nd, 2014

What happens when young minds aren’t in school for three months? It’s called the summer slide, a decline in school skills such as literacy that can happen to kids over the summer vacation.


You can help prevent the summer slide by keeping learning and literacy alive over the summer. Why not start now by implementing some of these tips?

  • Visit the library. Many local libraries have summer programs, including reading groups for all ages.
  • Fill the house with reading material. Stock up on children’s books so your kids have plenty of choice. There’s no need to buy new—many secondhand bookstores have great options, as do garage sales, thrift stores, and libraries. Why not host a book swap with fellow parents?
  • Be an example. Let your kids see you read the newspaper, magazines, books … the list goes on.
  • Let it be fun! Encourage your kids by letting them choose their own books—whether or not you’d define them as literature.
  • Encourage writing projects. Give your child a notebook to keep as a summer journal or scrapbook, or write letters or thank-you notes together.
  • Look for opportunities. Summer vacations can be full of learning opportunities. Teach your child to read a map, so he or she can help navigate a road trip; follow a simple recipe for chocolate chip cookies together; or look up flowers, trees, or mushrooms in a nature guide. It may not seem like it to your child, but these are both important literacy—and life—skills.


What about you? How do you foster learning over the summer holidays? Let us know your tips, tricks, and stories by posting a comment below!


by Leah Payne