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100th Day of Schooling Celebration

March 10th, 2014


A random act of kindness: students at Edith McDermitt showcase the books they collected and are donating to the Literacy Committee.

“Oh my goodness–we had such a terrific 100 day!!”  commented Betty McLeod, a Kindergarten teacher at Edith McDermitt Elementary in Pitt Meadows.  McLeod, along with another Kindergarten teacher, Kate Nunez celebrated the 100th Day of School by collecting “100 pieces of lego, building with 100 dixie cups. 100 second jumping, hopping, making 100 with Oreo cookies and pretzel stick, collecting 100 chocolate kisses. The biggest accomplishment was we collected 158 books between the 2 classes!!!  How cool is that?” McLeod commented in an email.

Very cool!  This random act of kindness by the Kindergarten students has put 158 books into the hands of the Literacy Committee for re-distribution at community events.  By donating story books the children in McLeod and Nunez’s classes are sharing their love of reading and some of their favourite stories.

For the Literacy Committee it  is a win-win all around.  The children are excited that the books will be passed on; the Literacy Committee is excited to have a new stock of books to hand out; and, those visit the Literacy Committee booth at upcoming community events (Earth Day – April 26th and Literacy Day at the Haney Farmers Market – June 7th) will have a wider selection of books to choose from.  

A special Thank You goes out to the children and families in McLeod and Nunez’s classes at Edith McDermitt for collecting and donating the books.  They will be treasured by their new owners!