Become a POTS Partner

Become a Part of the Solution Business Partner… it’s simple and free!

Local businesses are invited to become a Part of the Solution Partner by distributing free literacy related bookmarks and brochures to customers and clients.  In turn the Literacy Committee provides a “Part of the Solution” window decal that demonstrates that the business has community spirit and is investing in their community.  In addition, “Part of the Solution” Partners logos will be posted on the Literacy website with links to Partner websites.

Want to support the work of the Community Literacy Committee’s Part of the Solution Campaign in a more tangible way?  Check out our Request for Business Partners for more information, or give us a call to talk about how we can partner to get the message out while gaining benefits for both our organizations.

To become a Part of the Solution Partner, contact a Literacy Outreach Coordinator at or by phone at 604.466.6275.  Thank you.



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