Impact of Literacy

 Imagine struggling to:

  • read the community newspaper
  • help your child do their homework
  • track where your money goes
  • complete a job application
  • read a book for the pleasure of it

 How would you feel? How frustrated might you be?

In BC, over 35% of working age adults do not have the literacy skills needed to fully participate and succeed in today’s complex world. Individuals with low literacy may struggle with reading, writing, doing math, solving problems, communicating, filling in forms, using a computer… or all of the above.

These individuals have fewer opportunities to improve their jobs, their education, their household income; fewer opportunities to improve the quality of life they enjoy with their families.

Low literacy affects community crime rates, voter turnout, economic outputs and inputs, as well as individual health and well-being.

The Community Literacy Committee works with community partners—volunteers, agencies, service groups, government, and other literacy groups—to create solutions that meet local literacy needs. By sharing ideas, techniques, and knowledge, we craft solutions that respond to local needs.

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