Assessing Progress and Re-Charting Direction

July 2nd, 2013 by Community Literacy Committee Leave a reply »

Want to know what the Literacy Committee accomplished in 2012? or interested in learning more about the barriers and challenges the group faced and overcome? Then be sure to read the 2012- 2013 Community and District Literacy Plan.  Not only does this plan look at what has happened in the past year, where progress has been made; it also clearly lays out where the Committee (and it’s contractors) will focus their attention in the coming year.

“In essence, the Community and District Literacy Plan is our report card on the previous year and our roadmap for the coming 12 months” comments Angie McLeod, Literacy Outreach Worker.  “The Literacy Plan helps us communicate the strategic priorities that our members, partners, and the community tell us is important.”  The Community Literacy Plan is not an internal document; it is the result of actively surveying community and committee members and partner groups.  Once the feedback is received the Committee then uses this information to guide their own Strategic Planning to more clearly define priorities for the coming year.

“Ensuring that the community has a say in where we are going, what is working in the community and what isn’t, and how we are focusing our energy is essential to our success” notes McLeod.  “By the time the Literacy Plan is forwarded on to the Ministry of Education, it’s been reviewed by the Committee, the Community Network and our local Board of Education.”

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