Learning Together: Embracing the role of families

January 29th, 2013 by Community Literacy Committee Leave a reply »

PALS training January 2013For the Community Literacy Committee January has been about celebrating Family Literacy in its many forms – formal and informal.  To cap this celebration 20 early childhood educators and several community developers gathered for Parents as Literacy Supporters (PALS) training today.

Community-based conversations with local family service providers identified program leaders wanted to better support parents in their role as teacher to their children.  This lead to exploring what family literacy programs could be adapted to meet two local priorities: tools and resources for parents as they help teach their children; short, experiential based learning modules that could be easily inserted into existing programs.

The outcome of these conversations was PALS being brought to our community for local early childhood educators and teachers.  In our efforts to strengthen literacy in our community, the Community Literacy Committee is excited to have 20 early childhood educators trained to deliver Parents as Literacy Supporters modules in our community.  This is a great asset.  The more people who understand why literacy is important, know what informal and formal literacy look like, and have tools and resources to support parents in teaching their children – the stronger we become as a community.

To support the early childhood educators the following resources were highlighted as resources / tools:





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