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May Community Literacy Challenge Winner

July 3rd, 2012

Alyssa, May Literacy Challenge Winner Accepts her Prize Package

Green Eggs and Ham… Yum Yum.  Or Maybe Not!

Green Eggs and Ham don’t sound very yummy to our May Literacy Challenge Winner.  However, she did think they were excellent ingredients for a children’s book.

Alyssa, recently submitted her entry to the Community Literacy Challenge after reading Green Eggs and Ham, one of Dr. Seuss’ most famous books.

Alyssa enjoyed turning off the TV and reading book in part because Dr. Seuss is “really funny.”   Alyssa found the part about Sam trying (but not wanting to try) the green eggs and ham, particularly funny.  Even more so, when Sam actually enjoyed them.

When asked if she’d like to try green eggs and ham, Alyssa doesn’t think so.  But then you never know.

As the May winner, Alyssa receives a gift certificate to Tales and Tomes Used Books and the Flying Wedge Pizza.

I wonder if she’ll ask if she can get a Green Eggs and Ham pizza from Flying Wedge?